Venus eclipse february 28 astrology

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This is a waxing Moon so energy is building towards the First Quarter Moon which is the bend in road towards the upcoming Full Moon.

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Moon sextile Sun late and overnight on Thursday keeps the Aries Moon energy moving full throttle with nothing in its way. Friday is still fast paced for most of the day, but Moon skates uninhibited through the rest of Aries. The weekend energy comes at us slow and easy with a sensual Taurus Moon. Soon as the Moon enters Taurus Venus takes center stage for many reasons.

Moon in Taurus applies to a square with Mercury in Aquarius all day on Saturday , trying to put into words what we feel. Sunday is busy once again. Moon sextiles Venus with reception. But Venus stations retrograde that day making her the dominating influence for the day. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Next Post Next Venus Retrograde Having tackled significant professional concerns, the atmosphere becomes more supportive and amenable to make progress on your goals. You release or complete an objective towards the end of February that frees you to explore better prospects moving forward. Mid month is particularly eventful as you initiate a very personal objective and set an important agenda for the next 2 years.

A financial emphasis comes into play through March, though focusing will probably be difficult with all the day dreaming and background noise Mercury stimulates through mid April. Perhaps a trip down memory lane is called for. Closing a few chapters while you are there will make you far more effective in the future. You are much more in your element during February, and friends and associates in particular lend a special hand over the coming weeks if not months. Career directives command attention, and you could be working your way into a high profile position between now and your birthday.

The New Moon on the 4th spells this all out quite clearly, and is a positive time for setting intentions and approaching those who may have the resources to assist you in your aims. Volatile energy behind the scenes, especially around mid month, stimulate the pre-birth to your re-birth next month. Domestic matters require settling first and foremost. If you have been considering a move, things could fall into place quite swiftly. The heavy considerations of the prior weeks begin to subside, replaced by a far more adventurous, future oriented mindset.

The Astrology of Year 12222

The atmosphere gets a bit more obtuse while Mercury acts from Pisces, on one hand stimulating your professional objectives and opportunities, but simultaneously obfuscating your thought process. By the final week of February, the pace slows substantially, triggering a period of reconsideration about where you are headed next. A decision or conversation around the 19th is significant, though reorganization will be required before you can pull this one off. Intuition in this period shows you your hearts true desire. Circumstances evolve to offer an effortless conclusion during the first week of April.

Having confronted the concerning issues within a partnership, a far more amenable and positive ambience prevails while Venus enhances pleasure and connectivity within your closest alliances. A meaningful commitment can be established, especially between the 17th — 23rd, with especially potent and transformative developments occurring around the 23rd. More disruptive influences may be present over the final week, likely echoing professional obligations or tensions that arise on the 13th.

Former partnerships or associations may creep into frame, signaling what you are ready to release. An emphasis on your commitments continues to grow, with a stunning opportunity to embrace the new and improved during the New Moon on February 4th. True Romance can sneak up on you in this phase, and developments mid month also feature unexpected — but welcome developments. A long Mercury transit affects intimate and financial relationships through mid April, so if you have been expecting news about a loan, alimony or cash settlement, expect to wait a bit longer.

There are plot twists in store that draw this one out a bit longer. Professional goals push you to the limit from Valentines Day. Where love relationships or lack thereof may have been concerning, you can establish new priorities and associations this month, while Venus bestows a pleasurable influence on matters of the heart. From now through mid April, personal relationships may be in a state of flux, particularly during March when Mercury retrograde instigates numerous plot twists. Trust intuition around the 19th, as an alignment to Neptune that precipitates the attainment of a cherished dream in early April.

The 17th — 23rd is a compelling period for establishing or possibly re-establishing a flow of dialogue between you and the object of your desire. Easy does it. A relationship could precipitate this development unexpectedly, especially around the 13th or towards the end of the month. The New Moon is also favorable and opens a door to initiating a favorable love connection. On the other hand, endings that occur this month are likely beyond overdue. From mid month you begin to get a glimmer of the exciting new order that will transform your financial realm beginning in March.

Love and creative prospects carry immense potential to offer you pleasure this month, and between now and early April you are laying significant groundwork for a development.

From mid month you begin to get clues of the exciting directions precipitating in your closest partnerships. The atmosphere lightens considerably this month, and you find more to enjoy, especially with Jupiter now in your sign. Stark financial issues you confronted last month yield opportunities for growth. Sticking to a budget pays off for you. Domestic and personal matters are highlighted from mid month, and although you are likely to see at least one plot twist between now and mid April regarding a residential matter, this is a favorable time to invest in property.

Find Your Venus Sign in Astrology: Tables

The 13th is compelling: what do you desire the most and what are you willing to do to get it? The ambience softens for you as the more confrontational dynamics of the prior month subside. Patience enabled you to transcend insurmountable difficulties and you can now establish yourself in unprecedented ways over the first 10 days of the month, the outcome of the self awareness and determination that precipitated around the Capricorn eclipse in early January.

Negotiations are favored. A contentious residential matter comes to a stunning culmination on the 13th. The liberation you have sought after is assured. From there, Mars urges pleasure pursuits while transiting Taurus between Valentines and the end of March. You get a brand new start from the New Moon in your sign on the 4th, and can hit the reset button on any attribute of your life or the whole thing if you prefer to!

Friends and associates seem to play a major supportive role to your personal goals this year, and this is an auspicious time to join a group or organization through which you can develop your hopes and dreams. The vexations of the prior weeks subdue and especially from the 10th you are likely to find you are much more at ease with yourself.

Astrology of Today – Thursday, February 28, 12222

From mid month, an extended transit of Mercury in your sign stimulates an active agenda, but also reappraisal of yourself during the retrograde phase next month. A large part of this inquiry connects to how you will actualize a cherished personal objective, and while there are a few detours up on the road ahead, you do well to take your time over the coming weeks and take in as many perspectives and possibilities as you can.

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In doing so you make a discovery that bring everything together effortlessly in early April. January was a month fraught with huge punctuation marks, as revelations stimulated by awareness of the deep conviction and desires that exist deep within resulted in massive and transformative shifts in consciousness via Pluto contacts and Jupiter in Scorpio.

The reclamation of personal power was likely a huge theme, and where abuses were revealed, it is just as likely endings were made within circumstances or relationships in which exploitation had become overtly detectable. As planets migrated into Aquarius, a lot of the intensity subsided as activities became more socially and intellectually motivated. The emotional stakes are lowered, and a tempestuous and stormy period fades into the rear view mirror as subjective inputs quiet and more rational sensibilities take over.

The new directions and dimensionality of being coming into awareness now is very much reinforced during the Aquarius eclipse on the 15th.

Weekly Horoscope 27 Feb-5 March! CRAZY Cosmic Energies! The Effect of the Solar Eclipse, Venus Retro

In the way the January 31st eclipse in Leo provided a new chapter or culmination within a narrative or storyline that precipitated last August, the Aquarius eclipse mutually offers a new beginning predicated on the space made by relinquishing or surrendering something or someone during the previous Aquarius eclipse last August. Mercury taps into this sensitive point on the 9th, and a conversation or the ability to finally articulate closure offers a clear slate from which to embrace the new opportunities present from mid month following this very dynamic eclipse period spanning February 13 — Remarkably innovative and intellectual undercurrents stimulate a new undertaking featuring a Sun — Mercury conjunction also the beginning of a significant 4 month cycle of activity and augmented by the sextiles of Sun, Moon and Mercury to Uranus.

Venus is sextile to Saturn at this time, suggesting relationships that have been reconciled over the prior 4 months offer constructive avenues for expression now, and where mutuality and stability play an important role there are likely to be positive developments. The previous Sun — Mercury cycle which began on October 8, was wrought with friction as Venus square Saturn and Sun — Mercury squared Pluto occurred during the onset of that cycle.

A lot of relational issues and power struggles played a substantive role in the prior phase, with newer patterns establishing themselves from late December into early January as a result of facing those challenges and clarifying roles and objectives. As Pisces becomes dominant towards the third week of the month and into March, the ambience softens and becomes more intuitive and responsive.

Mars in Sagittarius contests this and numerous squares between Sag — Pisces encourage remaining outgoing and forthright. Pisces can have a tendency to dissolve and obfuscate the truth. Mars from this position of conviction will not allow for this. The most notable contact occurs when Venus squares Mars, issuing a challenge to relationships initiated around October 5th.

This is a period of conflict that can lead to productive growth, assuming the parties involved can find a way to reconcile pettiness, illusion and self righteousness for the sake of the partnership. Give and take is crucial here if this is a storyline you seek to see continue. This also provides a litmus attesting to the strength or weaknesses that lies in the bond that exists between two people.

Splits are possible now where that connection is weak or individuals let ego needs take precedence over love needs, mutual respect and understanding. Feel this one out gently, it is a very revealing contact. You may be starting a new group project or working with an organization on the 17th. This cycle of activity carries you through the next 4 months.

Venus nestles in a quiet and reflective part of your chart, stimulating your imagination and intuition.

venus eclipse february 28 astrology Venus eclipse february 28 astrology
venus eclipse february 28 astrology Venus eclipse february 28 astrology
venus eclipse february 28 astrology Venus eclipse february 28 astrology
venus eclipse february 28 astrology Venus eclipse february 28 astrology
venus eclipse february 28 astrology Venus eclipse february 28 astrology
venus eclipse february 28 astrology Venus eclipse february 28 astrology
venus eclipse february 28 astrology Venus eclipse february 28 astrology

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