Mars and saturn in virgo vedic astrology

Saturn in Gemini or Virgo, aspected by other Planets

Though, the person will remain philanthropic at heart, they will either not have enough money to help others, or will be pressurized by family members not to do any charity. Most of them cannot tolerate corruption and will stay away from it. They will be remembered as honest, courageous and of high values.

Their fame will spread after death. Most of them will spend time maintaining their body with beauty products and treatments. Can be an influential person in society or a monk of highest order. Hatha Yogis can have this combination.

Few can work as assistants of wealthy women and gain their appreciation. Even if they are monks, they can have many female followers. Few of them can fall for alchohol or sex and lose fame. On account of these qualities they always rise to prominent positions and are much esteemed on account of their ability but seldom liked for these aspects also make the character cruel and hard. They give a strong physique and general good health.

Mars In 8th House For Virgo Ascendant

Mars conjunction, parallel, square or opposition to Saturn. These are thoroughly bad aspects indicating a selfish, violent, harsh and cruel nature, quick-tempered and vindictive, absolutely dishonest and untruthful; unscrupulous and liable to public disgrace and imprisonment, also to accident and a violent death, but if one of the planets is essentially dignified or exalted the evil influence is much enhanced.

It should also be remembered that such serious defects do not result from one aspect alone and if the other configurations in the horoscope are good the foregoing delineation will only apply in a very mild measure. Uranus sextile or trine to Saturn is fortunate for a public career in an officially capacity for it gives ambition and determination with ability to concentrate upon large problems and exercise authority, plan upon large problems and exercise authority, plan and systematize.

Good and bad planets for Virgo Ascendant /Kanya Lagna

It strengthens the intuition so that such people are guided by an interior insight when new and important steps have to be taken, therefore they are in demand and find positions with large corporations where they win their way through sheer ability. The mind is both mechanical and ingenious, hence this position often denotes the successful inventor, particularly along the lines of electricity.

Uranus conjunction or parallel to Saturn has an influence like the good aspects of the planets are elevated, in angles, essentially dignified or exalted, as Saturn in Libra or Capricorn or Uranus in Aquarius or Scorpio; but if the conjunction occurs in signs where either of the planets is weak, like Aries, Taurus, Cancer, or Leo then the influence will be detrimental and should be judged the same as the square or opposition. Uranus square or opposition to Saturn gives an unscrupulous, dishonest nature with an extremely violent temper. The outbursts are as sudden as a bolt from the blue and exhaust the person completely.

These people are very eccentric and look at everything from a peculiar angle; they are treacherous, idle, indolent and altogether dangerous to the community. These aspects also indicate chronic or incurable diseases according to the signs wherein they are placed, but as said, if the other indications in the horoscope are good the influence of a single aspect will not bring out such evil characteristics and therefore the whole horoscope is to be carefully considered before judging the influence enumerated for they may be materially minimized by favorable indications in the horoscope.

Neptune sextile or trine to Saturn is good for success in worldly affairs for it brings out the saturnine virtues--honor, self-reliance, determination, etc.

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To them it gives the ability to delve deeply into occult and mystical subjects, also to become proficient in the art and practice of them. Neptune conjunction or parallel to Saturn has the same effect as the good aspects when it occurs in a sign where either of the planets are strong as Neptune is in Cancer and Pisces and Saturn in Libra and Capricorn. Neptune square or opposition to Saturn lays the person liable to loss by deception, treachery or fraud.

From the Lords of Mercury we received the no less valuable gift of mind which enables us to conquer the material world and provide ourselves with the comforts of life, but something more is needed. The divine spark within us is every seeking an outlet and the greater the two qualities of love and intellect grow, the stronger the upward urge, but this cannot be fully satisfied either if the Spirit seeks to raise itself to its divine source only through the love nature expressed by Venus and culminating in its higher octave Uranus.

How to Predict a Sudden Rise in Life - Galactic Center with Joni Patry

The religious fervor then expresses itself as devotion of the most sublime nature but there is still a lack. Feeling without knowledge is incomplete. Nor can the inner urge be satisfied if through the mercurial channel of intellect it attempts to raise itself to the spiritual perception of Neptune, the higher octave of Mercury, for though the intellect be sharp as a razor it is of no account when it is devoid of love.

It therefore follows that only by the wedding of love and intellect can wisdom be born. The mercurial knowledge in itself, through neither good nor evil, may be used for one purpose or the other. Even genius shows only the bent of this knowledge. We speak of a military genius, one who has a wonderful knowledge of the tactics of war, but a man of war, whether he be a Napoleon or a common soldier, is not to be classed as wise because he deliberately crushes the finer feelings of which we take the heart as symbol.

Only when the mercurial faculty of mind is tempered, blended and balanced by the heart-born faculty of love generated by the Venus ray, is wisdom born of the union. And this is the quality which the planetary spirit of Jupiter is seeking to infuse into mankind to aid them in their spiritual evolution that they may rise above the material plane and soar to higher spheres. Therefore the Jupiterian ray makes people human, honorable, courteous, refined and generous, law-abiding and religious, cheerful and optimistic.

The true Jupiterian is aptly described as a jovial fellow, and he is usually large but his heart is almost too big to find room even within his capacious chest. The corners of his mouth are always turned upward with a broad smile that can only be described as radiant and in his hearty good-feeling he is so demonstrative that when he shakes your hand the ligaments of your arm are almost sprained. He is "hail fellow well met" with everybody, always ready to give anything or anybody a boost.

Pisces completing a grand trine.

He seems actually grateful to you when you ask him to do you a favor and is never so happy as when working hard to help others. He would not harm a child and never gets angry on his own account but when moved to righteous indignation on account of the wrongs of others then he may be terrible in his wrath, yet he will never be cruel to the aggressor or the oppressor, but show mercy and kindness even to them as soon as they have been vanquished.

Such is the pure Jupiterian, but of course he is very seldom found at the present time. Nevertheless, an increasing number of people are beginning to walk the way of wisdom and show the Jupiterian traits. It is said that "Opportunity knocks at every man's door," yet we often hear people bewail their fate because they "never had a chance. It takes Saturn thirty years to go around the horoscope, by transit, and form aspects to all planets, but Jupiter, the most beneficent influence in the solar system, goes around once in eleven years and thus the good fortunes which he may brings are at least three times as numerous as the misfortunes brought by Saturn's evil aspects.

As a matter of fact, we get from others just what we give, each is surrounded by a subtle auric atmosphere which colors our views of others, and the thoughts, ideas and actions of others towards us. If we harbor meanness in our hearts, that colors this atmosphere so that we see meanness in others and in their actions towards us, we awaken this trait in them, as vibrations from a tuning-fork start another of the same pitch to sing. On the other had, if we cultivate the Jupiterian qualities of benevolence, his expansive smile, his cordial attitude of mind, etc.

Jupiter is essentially dignified when found in Pisces, or in Sagittarius, the sign of aspiration. He is exalted in Cancer, the house of the Moon, for the seed-atom which furnishes the body of the incoming Ego is protected by the Moon into the sphere of Cancer but in Jupiter represents the spiritual part and therefore he presides at the ingress of the Ego itself into the body.

Saturn in Gemini or Virgo, aspected by other Planets

He also rules the blood in which the indwelling spirit finds expression, though his activities are confined principally to the arterial circulation. He furthers assimilation and growth, and therefore he also rules the liver. Saturn rules the gall bladder. Jupiterians are very fond of show and display. In their religious observances they love ceremonial and they are rather partial to the established church but often dislike any "ism" not sanctioned by society or correct form. When Jupiter is afflicted his influence makes the person lawless, sensuous, self-indulgent, gluttonous, extravagant and careless in the payment of his obligations, hence liable to loss of health, trouble with the law and consequent social disgrace.

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  5. An afflicted Jupiter makes people sporty, fond of horse-racing and gambling. It gives a good-natured, kindly disposition, a nature which breathes cordiality, honor and uprightness. These people love pleasure, particularly out-of-doors, and are fond of traveling. They have considerable executive ability and are therefore sought for positions of importance and responsibility. There is an inclination to stoutness in later years.

    Jupiter afflicted on the Ascendant gives a tendency to self- indulgence, according to the sign wherein he is placed. If in Cancer the person becomes an inveterate glutton and literally makes a god of his stomach with the inevitable result that in the course of years he becomes excessively stout, the liver being particularly enlarged and as a consequence he is subjected to sickness of a serious nature. In Sagittarius it makes him an inveterate gambler who would stake his soul on the toss of a coin. In Pisces he becomes an incurable drunkard, in Scorpio a sensualist of the worst nature and so on with the other signs.

    It may also be said that whenever Jupiter is afflicted on the Ascendant the health suffers through some corruption of the blood. Jupiter in the Second House when well-aspected, particularly by the Sun or Moon, gives great financial prosperity in life and this is a fortunate position in that respect even when Jupiter is afflicted, but then the person is liable to loss under bad directions. When Jupiter is unaspected he gives no help; the person may then be poor and starve.

    mars and saturn in virgo vedic astrology Mars and saturn in virgo vedic astrology
    mars and saturn in virgo vedic astrology Mars and saturn in virgo vedic astrology
    mars and saturn in virgo vedic astrology Mars and saturn in virgo vedic astrology
    mars and saturn in virgo vedic astrology Mars and saturn in virgo vedic astrology
    mars and saturn in virgo vedic astrology Mars and saturn in virgo vedic astrology

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